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By Sheree Jones 4 months ago

8 Reasons To Move To Tasmania

8 Reasons To Move To Tasmania

Why you should move to Tasmania

The reasons that people move interstate are many and varied. Different age groups move for different reasons. For younger re-locators, economic reasons, e.g. pursuing job opportunities is more likely a contributing factor. For older people, relocating interstate is more often prompted by a desire for a change of lifestyle.

Reasons to move to Tasmania | Budget Self Pack Containers

Tasmania - your perfect tree-change or sea-change location

In recent times, ‘tree-changes’ and ‘sea-changes’ have become buzz words in the real estate market. These terms - describing a relocation to either a sea-side location or a rural / country setting are frequently cited by people who decide to move to Tasmania. With a slower pace of life, stunning natural scenery and booming culinary and cultural scene, Tasmania is on everyone's radar when they are considering a change of lifestyle.

Our top reasons to move to Tasmania

  Affordable Housing

Statistics obtained from RP Data show that the average house price (as at December 2016) in Hobart, TAS is $345,000 versus $641,200 in Melbourne, VIC or $852,000 in Sydney, NSW. That’s a sizable difference in price between the main cities and Tasmania.

  Nature and environment

Tasmania is blessed with stunning natural beauty. The cool climate supports a vast and varied landscape with many different environments - from mountainous ranges to temperate rainforests, wetlands and coastal heaths. For any lover of nature, Tasmania will spoil with its rich diversity of plant-life, animal-life and gorgeous landscapes which can be enjoyed year round. There are over 2000 kms of walking tracks, national parks and reserves make up more than ⅓ of the island.

Relocating to Tasmania - Budget Self Pack Containers

  Slower pace of life

Even in the larger cities of Hobart and Launceston, locals describe their cities as being more like large county towns. There are only 500,000 people living in the whole of Tasmania (this is less than a quarter of Brisbane’s population!) The skylines in Hobart and Launceston are not populated by masses of skyscrapers or tall towers of apartments or there are plenty of options to live in a rural location and still be just a short drive from the city.

Slow living in Tasmania - BSPC Removalists

  Thriving food and wine scene

Tasmania’s unspoilt natural environment supports food and drink growers and producers to create one of the most exciting culinary scenes in Australia. Farmers markets, cafes, pubs and restaurants are wineries are producing amazing high quality products attracting foodies from all over the world. 

  Housing market on the rise -  #1 in Australia

The past four years have seen Tasmania undergo a housing boom that is not showing any immediate signs of slowing down. The Real Estate Institute of Tasmania showed that Hobart’s median house price rose 12% in the past year (to February 2018). Compare this to Sydney, which saw a fall of 1.7% during the same time period and it seems like a great time to invest in property in Tasmania.

  Island living - 3 hours drive from Launceston to Hobart

Divided from mainland Australia by around 150 miles of water, Tasmania covers 68,000 square kilometres. While that sounds a lot, it’s actually a great size for getting about easily with a road trip from Launceston in the north, to Hobart in the south taking only about 3 hours. The variety of landscapes within this small island are amazing. In one day you can go from the top of a mountain to the seaside to a temperate rainforest. 

  Get away from the hustle and bustle - short commute times

Sick of wasting your days in traffic jams, waiting in long queues, passing thousands of people on your daily commute but connecting with no-one? While living in a city such as Sydney or Melbourne, you may be surrounded by people but feel no sense of connection or belonging. In Tasmania, not only will your commute time each day be drastically reduced - if you are moving from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane - but getting away from the impersonal hustle and bustle of city life can encourage more meaningful connections with strangers where you live.

Relocate to Hobart - Budget Self Pack Containers

  Awesome arts and culture

The rich and varied cultural scene of Tasmania is both accessible and eclectic.  From music festivals to world renowned museums (MONA in Hobart), and local craft markets, your options of indulging in the arts will not be limited if you choose to live in Tasmania.

The cheapest way to move to Tasmania

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