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Long-distance & Interstate Removalists Perth

Relocating interstate to (or from) Perth, WA doesn't have to be the stressful and expensive experience you might imagine.
At Budget Self Pack Containers we specialise in container removals and can offer you a variety of options for making your interstate move as easy and inexpensive as possible.
We pride ourselves on our expertise in moving containers all over Australia and this experience can translate as saved money and less stress for you!

This page is intended as a resource for those moving interstate from Perth to Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney or anywhere in Australia.  

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, you could also try our blog, call us on 1300 659 221 or email us at info@budgetselfpackcontainers.com.au.

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Interstate removalists Perth - BSPC Removalists

How much does a self pack container to Perth cost?

Listed below are a number of recent quotes for fairly typical moves to / from locations in Perth. The prices below are for 20ft moving containers. Locations are within 30km of the rail terminal at each end.

  • Sydney to Perth = $4,330

  • Cairns to Perth = $4,955*

  • Townsville to Perth = $5,145*

  • Melbourne to Perth = $3,995

  • Burnie to Perth = $5,415

  • Launceston to Perth = $6,340

  • Hobart to Perth = $5,630

  • Adelaide to Perth = $3,325

  • Brisbane to Perth = $4,595

  • Darwin to Perth = $5,095*

How much do moving containers from Perth cost?

20ft moving containers from Perth to elsewhere in Australia are as follows. Locations are within 30km of the rail terminal at each end.

  • Perth to Sydney = $2,490

  • Perth to Cairns = $5,025*

  • Perth to Townsville = $4,640*

  • Perth to Melbourne = $2,520

  • Perth to Burnie = $4,260

  • Perth to Launceston = $5,185

  • Perth to Hobart = $6,630

  • Perth to Adelaide = $2,195

  • Perth to Darwin = $4,995*

  • Perth to Brisbane = $3,430

Please note: Prices in and out of Townsville, Cairns and Darwin are subject to change over the Christmas period. 

How long will it take for the moving container to reach my destination address?

This can vary depending on the day of the week the container is picked up from your origin address. Typically, door to door transit times between Perth and your destination address are as below:

  • Brisbane - 7 days

  • Cairns - 9 days

  • Townsville - 9 days

  • Melbourne - 5 days

  • Burnie - 7 days

  • Launceston - 7 days

  • Hobart - 9 days

  • Adelaide - 3 days

  • Darwin - 7 days

  • Sydney - 6 days

Do you supply moving containers to locations outside of Perth?

Yes. We can accomodate container removals as far north as Geraldton and as far south as Albany. Other common locations include Perth Hills, Fremantle, Clarkson, Armadale, Rockingham, Secret Harbour, Mandurah, Bunbury and Busselton.

Frequently asked questions - Interstate Removalists Perth:

Can you provide labour to load the container?