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By Clive Smith 2 weeks ago

DIY Guide - How To Load A Shipping Container With Household Furniture

DIY Guide - How To Load A Shipping Container With Household Furniture

A lot of the fear of committing to undertaking a self-pack shipping container move comes down to people being unsure about HOW to pack a container correctly. 

It can be daunting if you've never set eyes on a shipping container close up and suddenly you're considering having one dropped at your address to be loaded with your entire household contents!

Hopefully, we can alleviate some of your worries with our definitive guide on how to pack your shipping container for interstate transport.

As with many things in life, it ultimately comes down to common sense. The container will travel by truck between your address and the rail terminal at each end of the move and then by rail for the main part of the transit.

Container removals utilise both trucks and the rail network for transportation

Tilt tray trucks are our preferred method of uplift and delivery - these trucks have a sliding tray with gently lowers your container with a winch on and off the ground at an angle. During this container movement, you do not want your container contents sliding around which could happen if not secured correctly.

During the rail portion of the transit, although your container is level, it will be in constant movement for up to a week, depending of where you are moving to and from. Although it's a minimal movement, it is constant so you need to ensure that your furniture inside does not have the opportunity to