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By Clive Smith 4 months ago

Full Service VS Self Pack Removals

Full Service VS Self Pack Removals

If you are moving interstate, there are a few different ways you can go about moving the contents of your house from point A to point B. Today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of the two most common ways to move interstate in Australia - full service removals and self pack removals.

Full service removals = {higher price + easy for you}

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the main differences between these two methods of moving house. Traditionally full service removalists were the main way most people chose to move and it was an accepted fact that moving interstate cost a lot of money. The reason for the higher cost of using a full service removalist is that you are paying top dollar for someone to take care of just about every part of the moving process. Generally with a full service removalist you can expect them to do most if not all of the packing for you, then will then pack it into one of their vehicles, arrange for it to be transported to your destination and then they will unpack at the other end. If you can afford to splash out on this method of moving and you don’t mind someone else packing all your things then this is a great option.

Self pack removals = {lower price + some DIY}

The self pack method of moving was born out of a demand from customers for a cheaper way to move interstate that was still reliable and hassle free. This way of moving requires a little more effort from the customer but for the huge savings you stand to make, for most people it’s well worth the effort. When you move house using a self pack removalist a specially modified shipping container (or moving container) will be delivered to your house where it will stay while you load it with your household goods. Once you are finished packing, then the self pack removals company will return and pick up the moving container and move it to your destination address. You then unpack the container and when you’re done, the self pack removalist will return and take away the empty container.

Research the best way to move house for you...

Both methods have for the most part excellent reputations for moving your possessions with minimal stress and hassle. Whichever you decide to go with, it’s always a good idea to research the company you choose, checking out online reviews is a great place to start. Read the fine print of any quotes you get and compare the details. Things like weight limits (of your household goods), and whether or not transit insurance is included can make all the difference to your final price.

A comparison of full service versus self pack removalists

FULL SERVICE REMOVALISTS                                                                      SELF PACK REMOVALISTS
  • Everything is packed for you

  • You pack and load your own moving container

  • Removalists (packers will be entering into your house to do the packing/loading/unloading                                                                              

  • Unless you invite them in for a cuppa, there is no need for a self pack removalist to enter your home

  • Most expensive way to move

  • A much cheaper way to move - up to 50% less than full service

  • Storage - if required, your household contents would be unloaded into a storage unit, then reloaded when you were ready

  • Storage - if required, your household goods simply stay inside the ventilated moving container which is placed in a container holding depot until needed

  • Locations serviced - Australia wide, local moves also possible

  • Locations serviced - Australia wide, self pack removalists usually specialise in interstate or long distance moves only

  • Method of transport - Primarily trucks

  • Method of transport - rail for interstate travel, trucks from rail terminal to residential addresses

If a self pack removal weighs up as the best option for you, get in touch with a reputable family owned company today and we can provide you with an obligation free quote for your next interstate move. Call us on 1300 659 221 or grab an online quote here