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By Clive Smith 2 months ago

How To Pack a Bed Frame & Mattress for Moving Interstate

How To Pack a Bed Frame & Mattress for Moving Interstate

When packing your bed frame and mattress for moving, don't assume they will be fine to go into the moving container or truck as is. Both items are liable to get scratched, dented and dirty during transit. By completing a few easy steps before packing these items you will ensure they arrive at your new home in the same condition as leaving your old one.

Equipment You Will Need for Packing Your Fragile Items to Move Interstate

  • Mattress Bag (or cling wrap is a suitable alternative)

  • Packing Tape

  • Furniture Blankets

Equipment required to pack a bed - BSPC Removlists

All of these items can be easily found at a hardware store such as Bunnings or a specialist packaging supplier such as Visy Boxes.

Step 1:

Remove all bedding from the bed, including mattress protector - these can be packed separately.

Step 2:

Remove the mattress from the bed frame (or base). Place the mattress into a correctly sized mattress bag or if you are using cling wrap, wrap the entire mattress this way.

Mattress Protector Bag - BSPC Removalists

The mattress is now ready for packing. Note: For an extra level of protection, there are mattress boxes available for purchase at speciality packaging suppliers however generally, ensuring the mattress is covered and protected from dirt, is sufficient. 

Mattress in box for moving - BSPC Removalists

Handy Packing Tip:

When packing your mattress into the moving container (or truck), ensure that is is standing on it's side vertically, not lying down horizontally. If you are transporting several mattresses then stack them side by side. The space inbetween each mattress is a great place to pack items such as flat screen TV's or large items of framed art work.

Step 3:

Dismantle the bed frame as much as possible. Keep all hardware ie. screws, wheels etc. in a ziplock bag and attach it to the bed once wrapped. Once the frame is in a flat pack state you can wrap the sides, headboard, slats in the furniture blankets securing with packaging tape.

Dismantle a bed for moving - BSPC Removalists

Always ensure that all items you pack in a moving container (or truck) including your bed frame and mattress are securely tied into place to prevent any moving during transit.

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