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By Clive Smith 2 months ago

How To Pack a Fridge for Moving Interstate

How To Pack a Fridge for Moving Interstate

For large sturdy items, fridges are one of those things that always seem to get a couple of little dents and scrapes when you move house. We want your fridge to arrive at your new house in the exact same condition as when it left your old house and if you follow these words of advice you should have no problems at all.

Equipment you will need to move your fridge interstate:

  • Baking soda

  • Packing tape

  • Furniture blankets

  • Ratchet strap

  • Cling wrap (optional)

  • Upright furniture trolley

Packing equipment to move your fridge - BSPC Removalists

All of these items can be easily found at a hardware store such as Bunnings.

Step 1:

You will need to unplug your fridge and defrost the freezer the day before you are due to move. Remove all food from the fridge/freezer, it is essential that the fridge is empty for transportation.

Step 2:

Clean the fridge and freezer thoroughly with warm soapy water and dry. The baking soda is intended to absorb any odors that your fridge may have. Partially open the boxes of baking soda and put one box in a drawer of the fridge and one in the freezer - it’s a good idea to tape them into place so they don’t spill everywhere.

Step 3:

It is fine to leave all of the racks, glass shelves, drawers and other removable compartments inside the fridge however they will need to be secured to prevent any movement during transit.

Secure shelves in your fridge to move interstate Using the packing tape, cut short strips and tape drawers shut and tape shelves to the inside walls of the fridge securing of all four sides of the shelf.

Handy Tip:

If your fridge is going to be unplugged and in storage for more than 6 weeks then it is a good idea to prop the door of it open to aid ventilation. You can do this by placing a small block of wood where the door closes aiming for an inch of so gap - tape the fridge door shut around the wood block so it stays in place. Proceed with remaining steps.

Step 4:

Move your fridge into a space where you have 360 degree access to wrap it in the furniture blankets. Depending on the size of the fridge (and the blankets) you’ll most likely need at least 2 blankets to ensure the fridge is covered completely. Fold the overhanging blankets over and around the corners of the fridge for extra protection in that area. Tape the blankets in place using the packing tape by winding around the entire fridge.

Use furniture blankets to wrap fridge - BSPC Removalists

Step 5:

If you are going to use cling wrap begin at the top and wind it around the fridge over top of the blankets until you get to the bottom.

Step 6:

Position the fridge trolley under one of the sides of the fridge (not the front or back). Thread the ratchet strap through the bars of the fridge trolley and fasten around the diameter of the fridge and tighten to secure.

Step 7:

The fridge is now ready to be placed in your moving container. It is best to place it up against a side of the container so it can be tied in place to the container wall directly.

Handy Tip:

Remember when your fridge arrives at its destination as is unpacked, don’t plug it in for several hours, or preferably overnight as it can damage the motor to do so after transportation and movement of the fluids within the cooling unit.

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