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By Clive Smith 3 months ago

Moving interstate? Time to declutter!

Moving interstate? Time to declutter!

So you’ve made the huge decision to move interstate. Now the mammoth task of contacting moving companies and getting moving quotes. Should you use a full service furniture removalist? Or should you use a self pack removals company? It’s enough to stress out the most organised person! Moving house is always a good time to reassess your possessions. There is no point paying to move things that you no longer use. We are all guilty of keeping those boxes full of things that never even get unpacked as we move from house to house. Moving house with a self pack moving container is the cheap way to do it but being organised when packing your shipping container is essential. We have a saying in the self pack removals industry - ‘a well packed container, is a happy container’. Ok, admittedly I just made that up but the premise is true. Organised well packed container = organised happy movers.

One of the first big pre-move tasks you can accomplish that will make the whole process of moving infinitely easier is to de-clutter. By this, I mean getting rid of anything that you do not use or that does not hold significant sentimental value to you.

This can be done - and is best done, one room at a time. It can be confronting to feel like you are throwing away a lifetimes worth of possessions but ultimately you will feel better for it. In each room, look through everything and start by getting rid of obvious rubbish - by this I mean, old newspapers/magazines (you can cut out and scrapbook articles you want to keep), boxes, unrepairable items and unusable old clothing.


Next get yourself 3 boxes and go through your things, sorting them into catagories -

  1. KEEP - to be packed to move with you

  2. CHARITY - still in good condition but no longer used by you, forward it to someone in need

  3. THROW AWAY - Not obviously rubbish, but these items you no longer use and they can not be recycled.

Once you’ve completed this task - and you will get better and more efficient at it as you go - packing will be much easier and you will feel much more organised when it comes time to unpack at your new home.