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By Clive Smith 3 months ago

Storing Your Furniture When Moving House

Storing Your Furniture When Moving House

Often when selling your house there can be a gap between leaving your old home and moving into your new one. It’s very hard lining up settlement dates to allow for a seamless transition and the result of this is that you may require temporary short or long term storage for your household contents.

Self-storage units - a good option?

Most people would immediately think of a self-storage unit as a good solution. It can be a great solution for some people however there are a couple of drawbacks to hiring a self-storage unit. The cost can be relatively high should you choose to store your furniture this way. It is also not the most flexible option; you may need to commit to a contract and give a lengthy amount of notice when finishing your storage. If however, you know that you will need to store your things for an extended period then the temperature controlled environment of a self-storage facility is a great advantage.

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The ideal moving and storage solution!

Self-pack container removals offer a unique advantage when you are faced with this problem and storage of your shipping container is such an easy add-on, when moving house.

The usual procedure if you are moving house using the container removals system is that you pack the shipping container at your house and the removalist arranges transportation of the container to your new home. Many people though, don’t even have a new home lined up when they are forced to vacate their old home. This is where self-pack removals solve a lot of problems.

You can book to move from city to city (for example, from Perth to Melbourne), we are happy to confirm your booking when you do not yet know your destination address. (Your quote will usually be for delivery to the CBD and may be adjusted if you end up being a long distance from the rail terminal). Your container will travel to Melbourne from Perth and upon arrival, we will accept it into our container storage depot (in Melbourne’s case, located in Brooklyn). The container can remain there for the length of time that you choose. Once you have a destination address sorted, we can have your container delivered out to you in as little as a day or two in most cases.

Storing the contents of your home in a shipping container means that you are not double handling it. By this we mean, you don’t have to pack up your home into a removals truck, then unpack it all into a storage unit, then repack it back into a removals truck again when your storage time is up and you’re ready to move into your new home.

When using a moving container, your household goods stay put for the duration of the move including storage time so you can be assured that all of your possessions that you packed yourself and ready and waiting to be delivered when your storage time is up. It is a much more flexible option as you can have your container on its way to your new home anytime you need it!

Are my household items and furniture safe in a moving container?

Absolutely! If you have followed our guidelines for securing your furniture in a moving container, then all of your furniture will be safely tied in place. Our removalist spec 20ft high cube shipping containers come with vapour vents to reduce the chances of moisture building up inside the container during short to medium storage times. As an extra precaution, it can be an idea to leave a moisture absorbing silica gel product (such as this) inside the container if you expect an extended storage time, particularly in humid or rainy climates.

As your container would have been padlocked by yourself after loading, you can rest assured that you are the only one that can access the container, we do not require a key and there is no reason that your container would need to be opened at any stage during a storage period.

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What will it cost to store my moving container?

To find out our current storage costs in your location, give our office a call on 1300 659 221. For short term periods (less than 3 weeks), the cost is very minimal.

I need a moving and storage quote - can you let me know what it will cost?

Yes! Simply give our office a call to speak to one of our professional and friendly removalists (1300 659 221), or in Perth (08) 9459 9613. They can give you a quote for moving to your new home as well as an estimate for storage costs if required. Alternatively, you can grab a quote online here.