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By Clive Smith 3 months ago

The best way to lock a shipping container when moving interstate

The best way to lock a shipping container when moving interstate

Having made the choice to move interstate the smart way - using a self pack shipping container, the next question is: ‘How do I secure the moving container while it is outdoors during the loading phase at my property and also for transportation?’

When you use a shipping container for moving interstate, it is your own responsibility to purchase a padlock for locking the container, you also keep hold of the key as the shipping container will remained locked for the duration of its relocation. No-one else needs to access the shipping container while it is being transported.

Not all padlocks are created equal. They are a huge range of locking devices available to purchase so this article is to inform you of the best type of padlock you can purchase to padlock your shipping container as well as the ones to avoid.

Best padlock for locking your moving container

Best padlock to lock moving container - BSPC Removalists

Generally speaking, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for in a padlock. It’s worth spending a little bit more to get a better quality padlock rather than a cheap flimsy one. Ideally your padlock should be classed as ‘heavy duty’ and ‘solid steel’. One of the most important things to look for is a padlock with a shrouded steel case. (The shrouded casing makes it impossible for the lock to be removed with bolt cutters). An example of a shrouded padlock that would be suited to locking a shipping container is here.

Shrouded padlock - Budget Self Pack Containers

I've already got a padlock, will it be suitable to lock my shipping container?

Here are some examples of everyday padlocks you may have around the home. The padlock on the left is another good example of a padlock that would be very difficult for someone to remove forcibly without power tools. The padlock on the right however, is really not suitable for securing your moving container. It would be very easily removed with bolt cutters as it has a long shackle and is quite a lightweight cheap padlock.

Secure your shipping container - BSPC Removalists
Use the correct padlock on your shipping container - BPSC Removalists
Is it safe to store valuables inside a shipping container?

The instances of removalists shipping containers being broken into is very rare. Just as you wouldn't leave your car unlocked and unattended, we don't recommend leaving your shipping container unlocked and unattended as unfortunately there will always be opportunistic thieves who will take advantage of a situation where they can. While your shipping container is in transit, it is covered by our transit insurance policy which covers theft, fire, explosion, derailment and flood and we recommend that you keep a detailed inventory of the items packed in your moving container.

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