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By Sheree Jones 1 week ago

Top 8 Tips For Moving House With Toddlers

Top 8 Tips For Moving House With Toddlers

Moving house is commonly known as one of life’s most stressful situations; add toddlers to the mix and it could potentially be a recipe for disaster! We can’t always choose when we want to move though, so sometimes moving with young children is unavoidable. All humans, but especially kids and toddlers, thrive on routine. Disrupting this routine and getting used to a new home in a new location while exciting, can also be tough, especially on younger kids who are not yet able to grasp why their familiar and comfortable world has changed.

Because of all of this upheaval (and also because toddlers are such curious little creatures), they may tend to act out during the moving process as their way of protesting against the changes that are happening around them. The adults in their lives are probably busy and distracted with packing and organising removalists, and when the house is in a state of disarray, it can turn into a huge safety hazard for the little ones.

Keeping your kids safe is always a top priority, but while everyone is out of their routine, and things are being shifted around and packed, it’s so easy to forget that you may have left the medicine within reach or the boxes stacked precariously. By keeping these top tips in mind, you can ensure your kids stay safe during the packing process.

Childproofing your move


During the process of packing, generally we take everything out of cupboards and sort through / throw out what we don’t need before transferring to a box to pack. Be sure to dispose of any out-of-date medicine / toiletry items in a safe manner, at the very least it’s much better to dispose of it in an outside bin rather than the inside one where little hands may fish out of the bin that contraband pack of ‘little lollies’ that they’ve always been prevented from touching. When these items are packed, label the box carefully and set it aside in a place the kids cannot access it.

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Same goes for cleaning supplies. Your best bet is to stick to non-toxic natural cleaners. Usually with kids in the house, cleaning supplies are kept in a locked cupboard out of reach but during the packing and moving process we tend to cart around the chemicals, cleaning as we go. It’s all too easy to forget you’ve left the windex sitting on the floor. A cleaning caddy is always a good idea as you’re more likely to remember to put the whole thing up high out of reach.


Speaking of out-of-reach places… the sight of all the moving boxes in tantalising stacks is like an exciting new at home indoor playground to a toddler! Be sure to stack boxes against a wall and always stack the heaviest boxes and the bottom to minimise the risk of collapse. If ladders are in use, always fold down when you’ve finished with them. Just remember this handy equation:

Ladders + stacks of boxes + toddlers = disaster!Image title


My kids attraction to electrical cords and sockets is only second to the almighty iPad. Usually I have them covered with socket covers and the cables neatly tied away but once you start all the unplugging ready for packing, suddenly it’s a kids electrical wonderland. Rather than leaving the cables lying around, pack them in boxes out of sight straight away and leave the socket covers on until the last possible minute to prevent inquisitive fingers and other items being inserted.


Usually, once kids become part of a household, you go through a process of childproofing a home. This includes fixing any heavy (and particularly top-heavy) furniture to a wall. When you’re getting ready to move, this safety measure has to be removed. To minimise the risk of unsecured furniture toppling over try keeping it in a separate space, such as the garage until it is loaded into the removalist container / truck or if this is not possible then lie tall furniture down on its side so it cannot be pulled over.

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It’s so easy to leave a set of box cutters lying around, particularly when you’re unpacking boxes. With toddlers around I personally don’t use them, it’s too risky should they get their hands on them. I stick to plastic cutters and try to distract the kids with their own pair of childrens scissors and an old box to “open and unpack” themselves.


With all the running in and out of the house during packing, it’s easy to accidentally leave a door open which unfortunately can be an open invitation for a toddler to go and explore the world on their own. Make sure that everyone involved in the move is aware that small children are present and make a sign for all external doors reminding people to keep them closed at all times.


When moving day arrives, it can be quite a harrowing times for the little ones. Strange people might be coming in and out of their house and the adults are all very busy. It’s a good idea to arrange baby sitters outside of the house if possible, but if not, another good option is to set up a room with some toys, snacks and games to entertain the kids whilst the removalists do their thing.

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