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By Clive Smith 5 months ago

10 Tips For Packing Moving Containers!

10 Tips For Packing Moving Containers!

Container removals are the way more and more people are choosing to move interstate cheaply. Whether or not you are on a budget, moving containers offer a versatile and stress free way of moving interstate. Many people are daunted by the unfamiliar prospect of packing a moving container with all their household furniture. The beauty of the self pack system is that you can take all the time you need to pack your removals shipping container and armed with our packing tips and advice, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a hassle free cheap interstate move in no time!

1. The best position for moving containers

When you plan the delivery of your moving container with your container removals company, an assessment will be made about where on your property, the moving container will be placed. The best case scenario is to position the shipping container with the doors opening towards the house (for ease of loading). If possible, positioning the shipping container next to a garage or carport will also assist when loading your container.

Moving containers at your home - BSPC Removalists

2. A packing plan

It is a good idea to go through your house and get a quick overview of what you are packing. Take note of all the large and / or heavy items as these will need to be distributed evenly throughout the container and will need to be securely tied to the sides and contained in the lower part of the moving container. Don’t forget to make space allowances for bulky or heavy outdoor furniture or shed items.

3. Moving house inventory

For insurance purposes, regardless of your type of interstate move, it is advisable to make a list of the items that you are transporting. It’s a great idea to get some coloured stickers and choose a colour for each room of the house, ie. kitchen - red, laundry - blue, master bedroom - green. That way, when you are unpacking, the correct box can go directly to the right room, especially helpful if you are using hired help to unpack; this will save a lot of time and extra moving about of boxes. A quick inventory of what’s in each box, written on the side is also helpful.

Moving house inventory - Budget Self Pack Containers

4. Use good quality boxes for packing

It really is worth investing in quality packaging equipment when you’re moving. It can make all the difference between a successful move and a move in which damage occurs. Pre-used or insufficiently strong boxes are likely to collapse when stacked upon, this can cause damage to the contents of the box and also cause the load on top to become unstable causing a domino effect of damage. Sturdy, specialist removalist boxes are designed to withhold weight being stacked on top of them. Filling the boxes well will also assist in preventing collapse.

Moving boxes - Budget Self Pack Containers

5. Pack heavy items low and light items high

With a bit of pre-planning, as recommended above, you should know where you are going to situate large heavy items such as fridge, washing machine, bed, television, when you are packing your self pack moving container. It is important to consider packing upwards (to utilise the height of the shipping container) as well. This is where the lighter items are better placed. 

6. Use wrapped soft furnishings as padding

Cushioning fragile items between wrapped soft items is a great idea. The best example of this is to stack your large flatscreen TV upright, in between your bed mattresses. It will be held in place and very well protected. Items such as large art works can be similarly packing in this way. Packing items such as this upright (or sideways) is much more space efficient than packing it horizontally, it is also far less likely to be damaged.

7.  Use professional grade removalist furniture blankets

A good interstate removalist company should provide you with packaging materials. Commerical quality removalist blankets are invaluable. They will protect your furniture from bumps and scrapes and also keep it clean. They can be easily taped into place so they don't slip or slide off during packing. Whilst you can also utilise your own blankets from your linen cupboard, do keep in mind that they are liable to get a bit dirty and can get stretched or damaged. Specialist moving blankets are quilted, extra heavy duty and designed for the job.

Furniture blankets - Budget Self Pack Containers

8. Fill all available space in your moving container

It is important to use all the space available in your moving container for two reasons. The obvious one is that you'll fit more in, but secondly, your load will be a lot less prone to movement if there is a minimal amount of empty space. This is acheived by dismantling furniture where possible (ie. removing table legs). Where pockets of space are unavoidable, fill them with soft furnishings such as wrapped bundles of duvets, blankets, pillows etc.

9. Tie everything in

To ensure your loaded furniture doesn't move excessively during transit, it is essential that you utilise the tie rails throughout the moving container and tie everything in.  Securing the large heavy items as you pack is the best method. You will find that several shorter ropes are more useful than one or two long ones.

Tie in your furniture - Budget Self Pack Containers

10. Pack essentials in last

It's a great idea to keep aside some of your essential day to day items and pack them in last of all before closing the moving containers doors. This way, at the other end, you can get these things out first and there is no lenghly search for the kettle to make a cup of tea! Different people will have different essentials but some of the basics include: essential bedding and one set of towels per person, kettle and toaster, a couple of changes of clothes and basic toiletry and cleaning items.

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