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By Sheree Jones 2 weeks ago

How Can I Move Interstate Cheaply?

How Can I Move Interstate Cheaply?

The cheapest way to move interstate in Australia

Moving furniture interstate in Australia on a budget can be challenging and stressful, especially if you need to move in a hurry, require storage of your furniture during the move or don't have firm moving dates.

For families or individuals moving an entire 3 or 4 bedroom home's worth of contents, the prospect of moving can seem daunting not to mention expensive. There's a reason why moving house regularly pops up in the top 5 of those lists of life's most stressful events alongside the death of a loved one and divorce!

Everyone wants to know the cheaper and easier alternative to using a traditional full-service removalist who charges the earth and fortunately, there are a few options to help you save money:

Cost-effective ways to reduce your moving costs:


By decluttering your home prior to moving you can lower your moving costs drastically. The less there is to move generally translates to the less you end up paying.


For local moves, this is an economical way to move across town. Many budget truck companies offer mid-week specials so if you're able to work to this timing, you can nab a great bargain.


Recent times have seen a surge in popularity of moving containers or 'PODS'. Designed for someone who doesn't mind getting stuck in and doing the packing and loading, they are a hassle-free budget option for moving interstate. An empty moving container is delivered to your property and you can pack it at your own pace - when you're ready the container removalists transport it to your new address where you unpack it again at the other end.

Ways to reduce your moving costs | Budget Self Pack Containers

The cheapest way to move from Melbourne

As Australia's second-most populous city, Melbourne continues to expand with an average population growth rate between 3 - 6% each year. That translates to a lot of people moving in and out of Victoria's capital city.

Finding the cheapest removalist in Melbourne is no easy task, particularly if you're looking for a removalist who is also trustworthy and reliable.

Online reviews and testimonials are a great way to size up a company you are considering using and staying away from full-service removalists is recommended if you want to save money when moving interstate.

Using interstate backloading companies is a way to cut down your moving costs but there is an added element of unpredictability with backloading. Your goods will be sharing space with potentially many other peoples. Your moving dates are also harder to pin down, often a backloading truck will only depart when it is full - so whether that takes 2 days or 2 weeks is something that is out of your control.

How to keep to a moving budget

Be realistic - moving interstate is a huge logistical exercise. Expecting that it can happen on a shoestring is unrealistic. Chances are, if something is too good to be true, then it probably isn't! You can certainly aim to manage the costs associated with moving but if your expectations are unrealistic then you are bound to find that you go 'over budget' no matter how cheap your moving quote is.

The most effective way to stick to a moving budget is to choose a trustworthy removalist to assist with your move. There are plenty of horror stories around where unsuspecting people book in for to relocate their home contents with a removalist only to discover that additional costs start piling onto the original price once the move is underway. By selecting an honest removalist you will be made aware of all of your costs upfront with no nasty surprises on the horizon.

Be wary of the following "add-ons" that can bump up the cost of your relocation

  • Storage - if the storage of your home contents is required at any stage of your move, you can guarantee you will pay extra for this. Find out the potential costs prior to the move and then you'll know what you're up for if it does end up being required. Oftentimes, people will assume they don't need to store anything but then the sale of a house falls through or some other unexpected circumstance, and suddenly they're faced with a mounting bill for the storage of their home contents.

  • Weight allowance - check the allowed tonnage for your interstate move. This is a favourite tactic of dodgy removalists - they will underquote you initially with a very low allowance of weight and then hit you with overweight charges once your move is underway.

  • Inclusions - always check what is included in your quoted price. Some removalists provide no packaging materials at all, the cost of getting these can soon add up.

How to keep to a moving budget | Budget Self Pack Containers

The cheapest moving routes in Australia 

Melbourne | Brisbane | Sydney

Moving from Melbourne to Sydney      $2000 - $3000

Moving from Melbourne to Brisbane   $2800 - $3800

Moving from Sydney to Brisbane          $2600 - $3600

Moving from Sydney to Melbourne      $2000 - $3000

Moving from Brisbane to Sydney          $1800 - $2800

Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne   $1800 - $2800

* All prices correct at time of publication but may be subject to change

Cheapest self-pack removals routes

Some of the most popular destinations for moving interstate using a self-pack container are:

  • Logan City Removalists

  • Wollongong Removalists

  • Gold Coast Removalists

  • Geelong Removalists

  • Mandurah Removalists

  • Bunbury Removalists

  • Rockingham Removalists

  • Bendigo Removalists

  • Ballarat Removalists

Get a cheap moving quote!

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