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By Clive Smith 2 months ago

How To Pack Your Wardrobe For Moving Interstate

How To Pack Your Wardrobe For Moving Interstate

Packing your clothing might seem like a bit of an afterthought or something you can do at the last minute when you're moving interstate. Most people are surprised at how long it can take to pack clothing as well as how much space it can take up. Like everything else, if you plan ahead and put some thought into how you will pack your clothes then the task becomes a lot easier and more organised. The last thing you want is to have your clothes arrive at your new home dirty, wet or crushed.

Equipment you will need to pack your wardrobe

  • Packing paper

  • Packing tape

  • Suitcases

  • Large tea chest boxes

  • Wardrobe box

Wardrobe packing equipment - BSPC Removalists

All of these packaging items can be easily found at a hardware store such as Bunnings or a specialist packaging supplier such as Visy Boxes.

Step 1: 

Moving house is a great time to declutter. This definitely applies to your wardrobe. Organisational experts suggest that you go through your clothes and donate to charity any items which have not been worn in the past year. You may also want to donate clothing that is not appropriate for your new home, ie. if you currently live in a cold climate and are moving to a warmer one, you may find that cold weather gear is no longer necessary. 

Step 2:

Set aside clothing for you and your family that you will need between the time you pack and the time you receive your belongings at your new house. This will vary depending upon whether your items are being stored for any length of time but you will definitely want to keep aside a minimum amount of clothing. Don't forget underwear, socks and shoes.

Step 3:

Sort your clothing into two lots. In one pile, clothing that is fine being folded and stacked during transit (ie. t-shirts, workout gear, casual clothes) and another pile of clothing that is better hung up to avoid crushing (ie, suits, coats, dresses). Then separate out all of your small items such as underwear and socks and wrap these together in packing paper so they stay together. Begin by packing all of your suitcases with the foldable clothes. Label each suitcase with whose clothing/room it is from. Try and keep your more delicate items for packing in the suitcases. When all of your suitcases are full, move onto cardboard tea chest boxes for the rest of these clothes - your more rugged clothes such as sweaters and slacks are better in the boxes. We recommend lining each box with packing paper to prevent any stray dust entering the box. Fill boxes to the top and tape closed once again labelling carefully.

Step 4:

Wardrobe boxes are a very handy investment. They are large boxes with a hanging rail in the top so your clothing can remain hanging during transit.  If you have garment bags, enclose your best items such as suits and special occasion items in these before hanging in the wardrobe box. It's best to pack these snugly to prevent the items from having space to move around too much. When they are packed, tape close and label as above. When stacking a wardrobe box in your moving container, always ensure it stays upright and do not stack anything too heavy on top of it.

Wardrobe Box - Budget Self Pack Containers

Step 5:

Once your clothing is packed you can move onto shoes. Always make sure to keep your shoes separate from your clothing. If you have shoe boxes then pack shoes in these. They can then be stacked on top of each other in a larger box. Alternatively, stuff each shoe with a scrunched up piece of packing paper, then wrap the shoe in paper then wrap two shoes of a pair in another piece of packing paper so you have pairs packed together. Stack these inside a tea chest box padding between each layer with more scrunched up packing paper. Tape close with packing tape and again, label carefully with whose shoes they are and what room they belong to.

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