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By Clive Smith 2 months ago

Shipping Container Artwork Installed in Fremantle

Shipping Container Artwork Installed in Fremantle

In the interstate removals business, we deal with shipping containers (or moving containers, as we call them), day in and day out. They are the backbone of our business; families and businesses use them for moving interstate every day and we advocate the versatility of the humble shipping container to everyone we know! In recent years, the popularity of using shipping containers for alternate uses has grown enormously. Shipping container architecture has taken off in a big way world wide and it's not uncommon to see houses, offices and pop-ups made from re-purposed shipping containers. 

Shipping container architecture - BSPC Removalists

A short history of shipping containers

Although it seems the goods have been crossing the oceans forever on container ships, containerisation is a relatively new concept of shipping. It wasn't until the 1950's that the idea of intermodel containers were introduced (standardised shipping containers designed to be transported across different modes of transportation - ship - truck - rail). This revolutionised the shipping industry making the transportation of goods much cheaper - the cost of tranporting goods worldwide has dropped more than 90% since the 1950's. Containers are commonly cited as the single largest contributor to globalisation in the last half century - almost 90% of every item available for purchase has spent time travelling in a shipping container! 

Shipping container art

Last week in Fremantle, WA, the humble shipping container was utilized for an amazing new artwork commissioned by the City of Fremantle. Nine shipping containers were up-cycled by True Blue Containers, repainted in bright bold colours to be a part of an arch forming a giant rainbow. The sculpture, by well known Perth artist, Marcus Canning makes a dramatic impact to visitors coming into Fremantle. Overlooking the Swan River and the port, it manages to encapsulate Fremantle in a wonderful way. Shipping containers are of course ubiquitous to Fremantle and the symbolism of the rainbow resonates with the artistic and diverse vibe of the port town.

Personalised shipping container - BSPC Removalists

The artwork, all 66 tonnes of it, was installed last Friday at a cost of $145,000. The shipping containers were moved into place by multiple cranes. Hovering in an arch 9 metres above the ground, at its highest, it posed a huge challenge to engineer and build. This time lapse video (via VAM MEDIA) shows the container rainbow being installed.

Art installation in Freo - BSPC Removalists

Like all good artworks, the shipping container piece will be interpreted by different people in different ways. Beyond the initial wow factor of seeing 9 colourful shipping containers hovering as an unexpected and futuristic (with a nod to pop art) welcome to Fremantle; the artwork is intended to represent different facets of the port city, symbolising the spirit of Fremantle and the people who live there.

Container Rainbow - Budget Self Pack Containers   

Joyful. Bold. Beautiful. Whimsical. Fremantle's newest art installation is all of these things and more. Perhaps Marcus Canning, the artist who created this wonderful artwork put it best when he said, "one of the structural engineers working on the project refers to the structural form as being weirdly simple and the sculpture itself as being simply weird. I really like that description on Rainbow - weirdly simple and simply weird"

"weirdly simple and simply weird"

Shipping container rainbow - BSPC Removalists

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Images courtesy of:

True Blue Containers

Sky Perth WA

Time Lapse Video courtesy of 

VAM Media