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By Clive Smith 3 months ago

The Moving Interstate in Australia Checklist

The Moving Interstate in Australia Checklist

Planning a long distance move can be stressful on anyone. It may seem easier to just hire someone to take care of everything for you, but it can be more cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and allow you more control if you get organised and pack on your own.

The following checklist can help you get through the moving process, stay organised, and keep track of what still needs to be done when moving interstate in Australia or long-distance.

Six Weeks Prior to Moving Interstate

Moving Interstate in Australia Checklist - Budget Self Pack Containers

At this stage, most of the items on the checklist involve planning. Every move is different; add your own items if needed.

  • Begin to go through your belongings. Items that you do not want to bring with you when you move can be donated to charity.

  • Items of value that you no longer want can be placed for sale on Gumtree, Etsy, or Ebay.

  • Find suitcases and empty containers that you already have. These can be used for packing so you can cut down on the number of boxes and packing materials that need to be purchased.

  • Seasonal items that you won’t need in the next six weeks can be packed now. This includes holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, items in storage, etc.

  • Consider calling your utility companies, credit card companies, and your bank. Alert these people that you will be moving so that you can take utilities out of your name, and keep your credit and debit cards active even in the new location.

Three Weeks Prior to Moving Interstate

At this stage, you can begin gathering packing materials and packing items that you don’t use often. You still have time to prepare, but your moving day is quickly approaching.

  • Collect all leftover suitcases, boxes, containers, or hampers you have in the house already and can use for moving.

  • Purchase and gather the rest of the moving equipment you’ll need:Free Trolley, Blankets and Rope - Budget Self Pack Containers

    • Packing tape

    • Boxes

    • String

    • Plastic Wrap

    • Permanent Markers

    • Labels

    • Newspaper, bubble wrap or other packing materials.

  • Change your address with Australia Post and any important organisations to which you belong.

  • If you have children, let them be involved in packing their rooms, and get started now. Kids will likely need guidance, and may take a long time. We provide some great tips for moving with kids in this blog post.

  • Pack financial records, medical records, and official documents. Make sure to label the box.

  • Make sure you have selected and reserved a moving container and a team of movers or friends.

  • Remember to use what you have: wrap fragile items in clothing or newspaper, and pack heavy items, like books, in a suitcase with wheels or a handle.

  • Make your last trip to the grocery store now so you don’t have leftover food to move.

  • If you have access to the new home, start by taking photographs, cleaning, painting, or installing large appliances or furniture.

  • Schedule times for you and your family to say goodbye to local friends and family.

The Last Week Prior to Moving Interstate

Moving Containers for Cheap Interstate Removals - Budget Self Pack Containers

Now that you’re getting down to the last few days, it is time to take care of the big things.

  • Take apart any furniture, except for beds, that you can. Keep the hardware in a bag attached to the furniture.

  • Empty the refrigerator, defrost it, and wipe it clean.

  • Finish packing everything. Make sure to label boxes with the contents, whether the container is fragile or heavy, and the room.

  • Pack an overnight bag with items you will need immediately. Make sure it includes your keys, important documents, toilet paper, and personal items.

  • Arrange for your home to be cleaned if necessary.

Moving Day

When moving day finally arrives, your packing should be done. It’s time to take one last look at your old home, and start bringing things to the new one.

  • When you load the shipping container be sure to put heavier items on the bottom, and lighter or fragile items on top.

  • When everything has been moved out of the house, take one final look in all cabinets and closets to make sure you have taken everything out.

  • Keep your important documents and overnight bag with you today.

To help make your move that little bit easier we have create both a Moving Interstate in Australia Checklist PDF for you to download and print off or you can access the checklist via Google Docs.

From the team at Budget Self Pack Containers, we hope you enjoy your new home! For further information on our moving containers and how we can help you move to your new home, please call us on 1300 659 221 or request a free quote online.

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