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How to pack furniture and household items

If container removals are new to you and you feel apprehensive about your ability to load a shipping container correctly then you may find this video useful.

Our experienced removalist shows you how to prepare your household items ready to load safely into the moving container ready for interstate transport.

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Useful packaging items to have on hand when packing a moving container

✓    Plastic Wrap

✓    Corrugated Cardboard

✓    Packing Tape and Dispenser

✓    Butchers Paper

✓    Tea Chest Boxes

What to remember when preparing your furniture to load in a shipping container

✓    Smaller items such as kitchenware, bric-a-brac, ornaments etc. are best wrapped and then packed into a tea chest box.

✓    All furniture should be wrapped. When the shipping container is in transit via rail, although the movement is minimal, it is constant so any item of furniture that is not wrapped is at risk of scuffing against other items.

✓    Utilise all empty spaces, ie. drawers, suitcases, storage bins can be filled with other items

✓    Fill tea chest boxes with additional padding such as towels or butchers paper. Unfilled boxes and more likely to collapse

✓    Items with moving parts should be taped into place. Eg. vegetable drawers in fridge, agitator in washing machine, kitchen equipment with moving parts.