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By Clive Smith 4 months ago

Top 10 ways to ensure a stress-free move interstate

Top 10 ways to ensure a stress-free move interstate

Moving house

Nearly all of us have done it at some stage of our lives. It's widely agreed that moving house is stressful, difficult and expensive but it can hardly be avoided. 

At BSPC we have a few different core values with which we operate our business but one of our earliest aims was to take the hassle and stress out of moving. Having experienced stressful moves ourselves, improving the entire process of moving house is a huge motivating factor for our company.

Hassle free moving | Budget Self Pack Containers

A stress-free relocation is possible!

If not stress-free, then certainly less stress! These are our top ten tips to reduce the stress of your move.

  •  De-clutter before you begin packing

    Decluttering is the most effective way to reduce the cost and stress of your move. Moving house is such a great opportunity to reevaluate all of your possessions and decide what is and isn't necessary to transport when moving house. You can even make money when decluttering by having a garage sale and selling your unwanted valuables online for cash. Reducing the volume and weight of items being moved can also save you money on removalists fees.

  • Colour code system - have a coloured tape for each room

    This is a great time saver when it comes time to unpack at your new home. When you are packing buy a few different coloured tapes to put onto your moving box. Each room gets its own colour, that way when you are unpacking you can take the correct box directly to the correct room for unpacking which saves opening and closing, rifling through boxes and moving them from room to room.                                Colour coded moving tape | BSPC Removalists

  • Have adequate packaging materials

    Ensuring you have adequate packaging materials before you commence packing will save time and stress and ultimately mean fewer breakages or damaged items at the end of your move. You can easily obtain packing materials for moving house from any packaging specialist, Bunnings Warehouse or Office Works. Also, check out Gumtree and eBay for free listed packing items - many people want to get rid of boxes, etc. after their move so they're very commonly available.

  • Inventory your packed items

    For peace of mind, it's a great idea to keep an inventory of your items as they are packed. This way if the worst happens, and your goods are damaged or lost during transportation, you have what you need to present to an insurance company for a claim instead of attempting to remember every single thing you moved.

  • Use a moving check list to remember important tasks

     A moving checklist is a smart thing to have. It will prompt you at all stages of the move to keep on top of tasks as they crop up rather than getting to 3 days before you move house and suddenly realising that you've done nothing to prepare! There are even moving apps available now that can notify you of tasks to be done in the months leading up to your move.

  • Pack and then stack

    Keeping your home tidy and organised during the moving process will greatly improve your tolerance for the moving boxes and feeling of unpredictability that go hand and hand with moving house. As you pack boxes, tape them up, inventory and label them and then stack them in a common location such as a spare room or garage. This way you don't have random boxes and items all over the house which will help you to feel organised.

  • Dismantle bulky furniture

    It is always a good idea to dismantle bulky furniture when possible. The main reason for this is to reduce the volume of it for stacking inside a moving truck or moving container. The second reason is that it will usually be easier to wrap and protect when it is in a dismantled state.

  • Keep valuables with you

    If something is irreplaceable or particularly precious to you, it is a good idea to package it separately to your main home contents and keep it with you rather than entrusting it to a removalist. Many insurance companies will only pay out on an agreed amount per item for household possessions so valuables such as jewelry should be either insured individually or kept with you during the move.

  • Use a trusted reliable removalist with good online reviews and reputation

    One of the greatest de-stressors on your move will be having a great removalist. Choosing a removalist is scary in itself as we've all heard so many horror stories about rogue removalists out there fleecing everyone for their money! Check out our guide to choosing a trusted removalist, it's a great resource to have when you're in the decision making process.

  • Hire a self-pack shipping container

    Moving with a shipping container or moving container gives you a great deal of flexibility and autonomy for your interstate or long distance move. Being able to pack at your own pace - over a couple of weeks if you like - reduces the rushed and panicked feeling you get when you're pressured to do the job in one day. Being in charge of your own household items by packing yourself also gives you peace of mind that the job is being done properly.


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If you're moving interstate or long distance and would like to know how much money you can save by using a self-pack moving container, we would love to give you an obligation free quote. Contact Budget Self Pack Containers today or grab an online moving quote. One of our friendly team will be in touch with your quote within one business day.