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Full service removalists in Australia. 

In some instances the self pack moving solution may not be right for you. If you are unable to self load and secure the substantial savings you can make using a self load moving container then you may want to consider using a full service removalist. Full service means that the removalist will - generally speaking - do all the packing for you as well as transporting your home contents to your new address.

Although you are in some instances looking at paying up to 50% more for using a full service removalist, this is a useful option for some people.

Full service removalists are also a good option if you are transporting a minimal amount of items interstate. As our service offers a one-size-fits-all container service, it is not suitable if you are interested in just relocating a few boxes across the country.

The following companies are reputable full service removal companies who can assist you in Australia as well as internationally.

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I've never moved using self pack removals - how do I pack a shipping container?

Having assisted thousands of satisfied customers interstate in Australia, we know all the tips and tricks about self loading your own shipping container. While it may seem daunting to consider yourself in charge for loading all of your worldly possessions into a large steel box to move across the country, it really comes down to common sense when approaching the task of loading.

We have many resources available to you to assist you with what you need to know. Here are some of most popular guides to packing a shipping container

For information on packing large or unusual items check out our How To Pack series of guides

For information on packing up your garage and outdoor items a useful resource is our How To Pack Your Garage blog post.

For general all purpose information on self pack loading tips our 10 Tips For Packing Containers blog post is a good read.

Please note, we do not transport 10ft containers