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Read through our blog posts for handy tips on moving interstate. As the leaders in self pack removals, we provide expert advice on packing your shipping container yourself for safe transportation within Australia. Although we are cheap interstate removalists, our priority is to provide the safest and most efficicent service possible ensuring your self move / container hire experience is a positive one.
We will be answering our customers frequently asked questions, addressing your concerns and queries.
We will be updating our blog on a regular basis so be sure to check our posts regularly thoughout your move to keep abreast of our latest news and information.

How To Pack Your Washing Machine For Moving Interstate

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

Packing your washing machine to move interstate is a fairly simple exercise. There are however, a couple of essential things you need to do to ensure it is in one piece and still functional at the end of the move. Read more »

Will My Household Contents Fit Inside A Shipping Container?

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

One of the main concerns of people who are considering a self pack move is that they have too much in their house to fit inside a 20ft moving container. It’s a valid concern and as residential removalists we get asked about it all the time. Read more »

Full Service VS Self Pack Removals

By Clive Smith 5 years ago

Today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of the two most common ways to move interstate in Australia - full service removals and self pack removals. Read more »

The Ultimate Shipping Container Christmas Gift Guide!

By Sheree Jones 5 years ago

Here at BSPC we love shipping containers! What's not to love? They're colourful, versatile and also the back bone of our business. If you have a shipping container enthusiast in your life then you've come to the right place, we'll have your Christmas shopping sorted in no time at all. Read more »

Six Things You Never Knew About Shipping Containers!

By Sheree Jones 5 years ago

The humble shipping container might not seem like very interesting subject matter but delve beneath the surface and you'll discover they actually have a pretty fascinating history. Read more »