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Read through our blog posts for handy tips on moving interstate. As the leaders in self pack removals, we provide expert advice on packing your shipping container yourself for safe transportation within Australia. Although we are cheap interstate removalists, our priority is to provide the safest and most efficicent service possible ensuring your self move / container hire experience is a positive one.
We will be answering our customers frequently asked questions, addressing your concerns and queries.
We will be updating our blog on a regular basis so be sure to check our posts regularly thoughout your move to keep abreast of our latest news and information.

How To Pack a Flat Screen TV for Moving Interstate

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

If you are moving your television any distance you want to pack it well. They are expensive and easily damaged items but with a few simple steps, you are going to know that your TV is going to arrive safely at its destination without being damaged. Read more »

10 Reasons why you should move to Brisbane!

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

If you are considering a move to Brisbane, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a town on the up with world class shopping, an edgy arts & culture scene, world renowned food & restaurant scene, not to mention those pristine beaches and endless days of sunshine! Read more »

Packing Your Kitchen | Moving Tips

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

When packing up your house, whether to move to the other side of town or to move interstate, the commonly most dreaded room to deal with is the kitchen. Jam-packed full of oddly shaped items, sharp things, perishables and breakable things, it’s hard to know where to start! Read more »

Moving to Sydney - The Ultimate Kids Guide!

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

Moving house is an arduous task even for us grownups, who make the decision to do it in the first place! Spare a thought then for your kids - they get told they are moving house, leaving friends and going to a whole new unfamiliar place without even having a say in the matter. Read more »

10 Reasons why you should move to Melbourne!

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

Widely known as Australia's cultural capital, Melbourne is best described as a dynamic and cosmopolitan city that is edgy, funky and the epi-centre of cool. If you want to be where the action is - then you can't go wrong moving to Melbourne! Read more »