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Read through our blog posts for handy tips on moving interstate. As the leaders in self pack removals, we provide expert advice on packing your shipping container yourself for safe transportation within Australia. Although we are cheap interstate removalists, our priority is to provide the safest and most efficicent service possible ensuring your self move / container hire experience is a positive one.
We will be answering our customers frequently asked questions, addressing your concerns and queries.
We will be updating our blog on a regular basis so be sure to check our posts regularly thoughout your move to keep abreast of our latest news and information.

What is the Cheapest Way to Move Interstate?

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

The money we pay for moving interstate is a bit like the money we have to pay in taxes or insurance. It’s a necessity but ideally we would like to spend as little as possible on all these things. Read more »

10 Tips For Packing Moving Containers!

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

Container removals are the way more and more people are choosing to move interstate cheaply. Whether or not you are on a budget, moving containers offer a versatile and stress free way of moving interstate. Many people are daunted by the unfamiliar prospect of packing a moving container with all their household furniture. Read more »

How To Choose An Interstate Removalist

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

Choosing an interstate removalist when moving interstate may seem overwhelming. There are plenty of removals companies out there but one thing is for certain, they are not all created equal. Read more »

What Can I Pack In A Shipping Container To Move Interstate?

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

The beauty of moving with a self pack shipping container is that you are able to safely transport just about anything interstate within Australia without any hassle or red tape. That said, there are certain safety precautions to be taken and in some states, quarantine restrictions can apply. This post aims to address the many questions we get as Read more »

Storing Your Furniture When Moving House

By Clive Smith 4 years ago

Often when selling your house there can be a gap between leaving your old home and moving into your new one. It’s very hard lining up settlement dates to allow for a seamless transition and the result of this is that you you may require temporary short or long term storage for your household contents. Read more »